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2022-02-12 20.59 CET

1- Grateful for the opportunity to put it all on the line again. No regrets if it doesn't come through.

2- Thankful for a fairly relaxing day in the sun. It's almost spring.

3- Grateful for the opportunity to read a book tonight.

2022-01-29 20:54 CET

1- Thankful for a restful night followed by a productive day.

2- Thankful for a kid who is so creative and comes up with the best names.

3- Grateful for the fog out there tonight. There's always something magical about fog. And it's making my night a little bit more special.

2022-01-27 20:57 CET

1- Thankful to myself for doing that extra Pomodoro. I would have felt guilty without it. But I pushed through a little and think I may have found a better way to talk about my research for my job talk

2- Grateful for the helpful call I had with the dean today. I think I've made a good impression. I certainly feel like I came out of it feeling more competent than I actually think I am.

3- Thankful for the help I received along the way to get to this place.

2022-01-26 20:17 CET

1- Thankful for the assistance I've received when trying to deal with technical things, like SSHing into the Gemini Capsule from a different computer.

2- Grateful for a writing partner who keeps me accountable.

3- Thankful I got to have today.

2022-01-16 20:54 CET

1- Grateful for a colleague's honest critiques of a piece of writing. I'm reminded once again that critiques can also be an opportunity to improve. They may not be always packaged in the way you want to hear them, but growing and doing the work also means learning how to translate what other people say into something you can use. In the end, revisions were sucessful and I managed to send of a good piece of writing.

2- Grateful for a kid who is an absolute fucking badass in dealing with all the shit she has to go through at school with COVID.

3- Finally, grateful for having made the decision to just offload shit that I can't fucking control. You put it out there and let go of expectations.

2022-01-16 20:43 CET

1- Grateful for having the courage to shutting the door on a crazy-maker in my life. There are some times when it's best to just burn the bridge and not look back. This was one such situation.

2- Grateful for having the opportunity to catch up with one of my best friends.

3- After receiving notification tonight that someone in my daughter's class has COVID, that at least my kid has her first dose and that even at such a young age she wears her mask responsibly. Like really, really fucking grateful. 🙏🏼

2022-01-15 22:06 CET

1- Today was a day of resolutions: to burn a bridge and to not look back.

2- Grateful for the opportunity to put in a decent day of work. Grateful to have been reminded that sometimes writing is like working metal: it needs to be banged into shape (I think)

3- Grateful for the allies, the companions who walk with me for a day, a season, or years.

2022-01-11 21:09 CET

1- Today's one of those days where it's tough to find something to be grateful for because everything induces anxiety. But those days are part of life, too, and I suppose it's important to acknowledge that I'm glad I'm alive to experience days like today.

2- The sun came out after several days of rain. It was good to feel the sun's warmth on my skin while I worked.

3- I'm grateful for this log. I've been struggling to come up with a third gratitude point this evening, but a read through previous logs gave me a bit of a break from the negative talk in my head and put a smile on my face.

2022-01-10 20:49 CET

1- Really enjoying having lunch with my daughter. She's kind of eager to go back to eating lunch at school though.

2- Set out to do a bunch of things today and managed to mostly get through my list.

3- I'm grateful to have the tools to manage some of the long-term stresses that I'm facing. It isn't always easy, but it's getting better a little bit everyday.

2022-01-09 22:01 CET

1- Had a pretty good weekend. Relaxing. Fun.

2- Resident Alien and the Wheel of Time books are very good company.

3- I know, even if it's hard to feel, that the feedback I'm getting is an opportunity to improve.

2022-01-06 20:56 CET

1- Grateful for the time with my wife spent making plans for our future

2- It's nice having my daughter home for lunch. I'd rather she be at school, but it's probably better she eat with us while COVID cases continue to rise. But I'm happy for the time we get to spend at lunch.

3- Grateful for the bit of clarity today has brought me.

2022-01-05 21:27 CET

1- NGL, really grateful for the laughs that the "IT Crowd" provides

2- Got to take a quick nap next to my wife, and I felt my daughter kick in my wife's belly

3- Today, my family and I had enough. And, right now, for me and the world, I would rather that than have plenty

2022-01-04 21:07 CET

1- Got to see some beautiful colors in the sky this morning. Lots of grey in the evening, but thankful for the rain it brings to the farmers in the area

2- Got a new client. She's important to building my business so that I may FIRE

3- Grateful for the emails I received today expressing encouragements and support

2022-01-03 20:34 CET

1- Had a wonderful experience learning about SSH thanks to Day 1 exercise on r/linuxupskillchallenge

2- A reminder that to let go of outcomes, to do because doing is what creates new life-worlds (see Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, "Mushroom at the End of the World" for more on lifeworlds)

3- Grateful for the privilege of being able to have a nutricious and delicious lunch with my family on a weekday without being hurried

2022-01-02 20:49 CET

1- Grateful for the quiet time this morning to advance in my work and on my business

2- Thankful for the fact that my kid's going back to school tomorrow with at least her first COVID shot

3- Grateful for the daily inspiration provided by my explorations on the "smolnet"

2022-01-01 20:57 CET

1- Grateful for the opportunity to read this evening

2- The difference between a store-bought and a market-bought potato is like night and day. I'm grateful for the farmer's work and for his affordable and delicious potatoes.

3- Thankful for the meaningful conversations I've witnessed and took part in today on the Fediverse. Lots of lovely souls looking to make the world a better place

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